Saturday, February 11, 2012

Help Wanted

Hey all -

As you have clearly figured out, I'm not the greatest blogger. So we are hoping to update Gateway's web presence to an actual website, and I'd love your help. What would you like to see on our church's website? What information, links, resources, etc. would be helpful to you? What are some of the best church websites you've seen? Would you like to have sermon podcasts available?

I appreciate all your feedback. I'm not a techie, so help is much appreciated!

Pastor Stacia


Linea said...

I heard in Edmonton that Steve Waldenshmit (sp?) does some web design. He's got to be pretty busy with the play that is touring but maybe he would be a good one to ask?

Mr. C.C. said...

College Park is looking to update their website. You can find easy drag and drop, typing, and easy click website builders. But if you want something better, you better look for someone who is well versed in website design to help you with all your needs.

Gateway said...

Thanks for the information. I will try to contact Steve and see what his schedule looks like. What website builders to you recommend?

Anonymous said...

I would love to see sermon podcasts.

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