Thursday, December 15, 2011

Join us in prayer

Hello Fellow Labourers in Christ,

Things at Gateway are very busy with the Advent and Christmas seasons upon us, yet it has also been a lot of fun. We are seeing some new faces at our church, sometimes during our services and others at our Kid's Club nights. So we are encouraged that God is at work through us to reach those in our community. Some praises are as follows:

*Some new small groups have formed and are going well so far. They seem to be a way for our church to grow and share in life together throughout the week.
*We are blessed to have a number of wonderful and dedicated worship leaders who take turns leading.
*We have been able to fulfill our Soup on Saturday commitments which helps provide a simple meal for those in our community.
*Our ladies who visit the care homes in Prince Albert have continued this important and kingdom-witnessing ministry faithfully.
*Kid's Club is going strong for us and we have seen quite a large number of our congregation step up and meet the volunteering needs.

Prayer Requests:
*There are a number of our members or family members of those in our congregation who are dealing with various health concerns. Pray for God's healing and restoration of their bodies.
*Pray for those who will be attending our Christmas Eve service who might not attend church on a regular basis. Pray that we can connect on a deeper level with those who orbit our church.
*Pray for wisdom and guidance for our congregation as we live out life after Veritas. Pray especially for our Vitality Committee as they try to keep the momentum of Veritas moving so that we can continue to strive to be a healthy missional church.
*Pray for our Gifts Discernment Committee as they prepare the ballot for our up coming 2012 Leadership Council. Pray that the people God has called are chosen and can help give us the direction and leadership we need to move in the direction God is calling us.
*Pray for some good and strong contacts with the parents of the children who attend Kid's Club. We hope to build some relationships which will help us to share the love of Christ beyond just the children.
*Pray for Stacia and Seth as the pastors. We are always in need of God's grace and mercies. Also pray for our intern Linea who not only helps us out around the church, but is also taking classes.

Finally, pray that through this Advent season God can captivate us with the mystery of the incarnation of Christ - that God became a man and dwelt among us.

Stacia and Seth Michael - Co-Pastors
Linea Lanoie - Intern Pastor
Virginia Kutzan - Church Chair


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