Friday, July 16, 2010

The Duchess

My cat has developed a new bad habit. She has many, and didn't need another. If I leave anything at all sitting on my dresser overnight, when she decides that morning has come (and that her tummy is hungry) she will knock whatever it is on the dresser to the ground to wake me up. This morning it was a stack of commentaries on the book of Revelation - Seth was studying for his sermon. Commentaries on Revelation are not thin volumes, let me tell you. The three of them hitting the floor probably woke the neighbors as well. A few mornings ago, I left a glass of water on my dresser. Needed it to take my medication to get over this cold. That, too, ended up on the floor. And accomplished what she intended - I was wide awake, mopping up the water.

There are cries for attention like this going on all around us. Cries for food to fill hungry tummies. Cries of those who pray that this new day with bring new hope. Cries for us to wake up to the world's injustices. But it much easier, more comfortable for us to roll over and go back to sleep. This year in SK, more than 1/3 of our crops won't grow - they either didn't get planted because of the rain or were seeded and are still underwater. But you and I won't go hungry. There are places in the world where such a disaster would mean thousands of deaths. But not here in Canada. We are fortunate in our food security. Which makes it easier for us to keep on sleeping through the cries for food, the cries for justice.

There aren't easy answers for a problem like global hunger. But we must be asking the questions and not simply sleeping through it. Why is it that there can be enough food grown each year to feed the entire world but we can't seem to get that food to the people who need it? Why is it that I can throw away hundreds of dollars worth of groceries from my fridge because I have more food than I have time to eat it?

So, here's one way that you could get involved. Support Kernels of Hope - a ministry of the ECCC. Farmers plant crops for Kernals of Hope (who supports their operating costs) and when those crops are sold all the money goes to support the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. You can help by donating money toward the operating costs of the farmers. Find out more here and here.

And pray that God doesn't decide he needs to wake us up on as dramatic a fashion as the Duchess wakes me. Or maybe that he does.

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