Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I had a great time at our neighborhood BBQ. I'm so glad that everyone could come. The weather was perfect, the burgers were delicious, we had homemade potato salad, the kids played softball, and there were prizes for all the kiddos. I'm terrible at estimating crowds, but I'm told we had over 100 people there. I'd say we had 30-40 kids running around at various times.

We also had some excellent help for the Canadian Covenant's Camp Ministry Team. Four young people are travelling around to different churches throughout Canada to assist them in all sorts of different ministry projects. For us, it was the BBQ. They helped set up tables and charis, all the games, and made signs. Then they helped to staff each of the games, interacting with the kids from our neighborhood. We even had some kids arrive early, and they helped set up the games too! The boys did a great job sweeping off the cement for our sidewalk chalk graffiti area.

We had some help from God too, proving beautiful sunshine and bringing a lot of our neighbors out for the party. We are so glad for the time that we had to simply felowship and enjoy some food and each others company. Why don't you check out some of the pictures that Sharon took of all the fun here.

Pastor Stacia


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