Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sunday School

My first Gateway blog post!

Quick lunchtime post for those of you who missed last Sunday' service, here are a couple of things announced about Sunday School:

1.  Leo Lanoie's adult Sunday school class will start this Sunday (September 7).  The class will continue with their study of Isaiah, which they began last year.

2.  We are looking for Sunday School volunteers:

>> The nursery schedule was passed around during the service and many people signed up to work in the nursery during the service.  There are still some dates without volunteers, so consider fill in your name on Sunday.

Also, all of the dates during Sunday School are empty.  That was partially my fault as I suggested that people not worry about it until Sunday School really gets rolling.  However, we do need volunteers in place now, in case parents (including guests) may want to participate in Leo's class.   It would be nice to have volunteers in place to be available if needed.

>>  We are also looking for people interested in helping out with XSF Joy (K-Grade 6) and the youth.  Several people have already approached us about helping out, but we could still use more.  So if you feel the urge . . .

I will be announcing this on Sunday again.  If you are interested in getting involved in Sunday School, you can mention it to me (Marc) or Lauralea.

See you on Sunday.

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