Sunday, May 6, 2007

I hear music……

My friend L. debuted in her first year-end concert this evening, playing that ever-so-exciting “big string bass thing”. I can never remember the exact name of the instrument, as it looks like so many of the others in that “bass” category. All I know is, that it was big and she had to stand up to play it. I was so proud of her and her desire to work extremely hard at what she was doing so she would be able to play in the larger group. She did it!

You could tell that a great deal of practice time was put into this performance. They played well together and they played along with a kind of pop country music group for several numbers. The keyboardist wrote the arrangements for string and piano/guitar. There was a McCartney/Lennon number and several other songs from that genre. Good stuff. I am always awed by people that play instruments, I guess because I don’t play one myself. It’s all so magical to me. But I know there are hours and hours and hours of practice and rehearsal time to get it all right.

Some folks, you could tell, had played instruments most of their lives. They played with a great deal of ease and confidence. The arranger played keyboard, guitar and sang…..not at the same time, of course, but he was a talented musician….they all were. But even though they were extremely talented, they still had to work hard and the results were exceptional. It made me want to come again to their year-end concert next year.

It’s kind of like living out our Christian lives, I think. We practice living right. We practice doing what Christ would expect of us. We learn from the Word of God, how he wants us to live, how he wants us to treat people, to do it better and better as we go along in life. We start off by making some mistakes, and our “stringed instrument” doesn’t sound quite the way it should.

We get practicing. We learn the notes. We learn how to play them as a solo. Then we learn how to play them with the rest of the orchestra. Even though we're all playing different notes, we're still playing the same orchestral number. Like our Christian lives. We start out slowly and learn over time that it is so much more wonderful to be able to work together, as the Body of Christ, all of us as an orchestra. When we all get playing the same number……it just makes beautiful music!

I like to think Gateway is like that too. We can play pretty good solos, but when we all get playing together as an orchestra, well, the sound is really quite terrific.

I think God likes the music Gateway makes too!

All together now……and a one…..and a two…and a……

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