Monday, April 2, 2007

What can wash away this stain?

You can be sure that whenever I wear a white blouse, we will be having something for supper that is great for staining clothes. It’s inevitable! Usually it’s spaghetti. We love pasta but just as sure as God made those tomatoes, I will turn and whip those little strands around on my fork and WHAM…there goes the tail end flinging the dripping sauce right there… on white……such a stark contrast. You just can’t miss it. Now, if it’s at the beginning of the meal, when I’m really hungry, I just concentrate in getting the food from fork to mouth, as it were. My stomach is yelling “feed me, feed me, don’t stop, feed me”, so I do just that. No stopping. If I forget or wait too long, the stain is set and it’s there for good. So that’s the trick! You’ve got to wash it while the stain is fresh, otherwise, you might just as well wear the blouse “sauce accessorized”.

It’s the same with grape juice. The purple stains. Communion yesterday reminded me of my own stains – stains of my heart. If I go right at them, not leave them for a day, week, year, they can be washed away. I can be clean. I can go to the “Stain Obliterator” – Jesus Christ, who offers me his solution to remove my mess. He does it when I ask him. He cleans me.

This is Easter week and we’ll be remembering. We’ll gather for Communion, those who love God, those who want to be clean. Thursday night at 7, Gateway will offer a time for stain removal.

Christ will be our host. He wants us spotless. If I go to him before the stain sets, I’ll feel so much better.

See you at 7.


Matt said...

I feel like this could be some sort of tv commercial for the service. You'd probably get more people to show up, but invariably some of them would be coming with a bag full of freshly soiled linens.

SharonK said...

I suppose we COULD do linens. Yes. If that is where the need is, bring 'em on.