Thursday, April 26, 2007

There’s something about serving.

I keep thinking of everyone at Gateway this past weekend. It was four solid days of being servants.

It was good, hard work too. I think the feeling we all had was that it was a privilege. It was a privilege to serve one another, to serve in the name of Christ. And not because we had to do this thing called Annual Conference, but because we had it in our hearts the desire to give of ourselves.

On the Sunday, I was asked to be a part of serving Communion to my brothers and sisters in Christ of the entire Canada Conference………a sinner, saved by the grace of God. I cannot even begin to express how that has affected me, personally. In my heart, I allowed that act of serving to be one of repentance and forgiveness and healing. It could never have happened, if God had not been in it all. So, thank you, Canada Conference, for humbly allowing me to serve you in such a way as this – at The Table.

Those opportunities don’t happen every week. They don’t even happen every year. Every now and then a church is allowed to be hosts and to be afforded the opportunity to be blessed.

When I look back on the weekend, it was so much more than a meeting. It was a time where the God of the universe came and attended to his people….........all of us.

He just happened to use Gateway to get the job done.

Sharon Kent

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