Monday, April 2, 2007

Okay now, sing with me...

When will the snow
Decide to go
When will the high be above ze-ro
Because we'd like to have a high number
When the saints come marching in!

The parking lot
Looks like a placewhereyoukeepthepigs
And shows no sign of getting dry
So when you pack, please bring your galoshes
When you saints come marching in!

We'll do our best
To see you dry
Cause after all it's just a DRY cold
So would you pray and pray without ceasing
For all the saints when they come marching in!

Oh when the saints (when the saints)
Come marching in (marching in)
In only 18 more days and nights
There will be many in that number
When the saints come marching in!

Good stuff, you sounded great...


SharonK said...

Thank you. Thank you very much. I love singing.

Shauna said...

I loved the song. How's the parking lot looking today? 1 week away and counting! Can't wait to be there!