Friday, March 16, 2007

The Colour...Pink!

There's just no end to this reno project. Over the past few days down here Gordon and Trevor and Tracy have been giving the Prayer Room a new look.

And although some would give the name of this new colour some sort of plum tone, I dunno, when I saw it I immediately thought pink. I am sure some will beg to differ.

Thanks you guys, for your gift to our building and in making this room an extra-special place for peaceful, prayerful reflection.


Linea said...

No, NO , NO. It is a very lovely soft plum.

And the lighting is super!

Janet said...

Actually you are right Linea, I was in there today (a couple of days after the fact) and yeah, it's a lovely plum.
And yeah the lighting is cool too.
And yeah, so are the tables;)