Monday, May 15, 2006

Youth Ministry Update

Week Happenings For the Youth Ministry:

Tues. 16- Rockin' Drop In, is canceled. I'm to S'toon for meetings with Sask. Pastors.

Wed. 17- Bible Study, 7-9pm @ Reid's house, bring Bibles.

Fri 19-22nd- Jr Hi Jam in Strathmore, look up for more details.

Events to look forward to:

Next Saturday, the 27th, it the theme potluck @ the church. This year is Super Hero.

So come dressed up in your favorite Super Hero, Prize for the best.

Looking for volunteers to bring food, later I will volunteer others:

1. Radioactive Mash Potatoes

    2. Kryptonite Cake (A green cake) 3. Gamma Ray Ravioli (big noodles)

    4. Mad Science Pasta sauce 5. Green eggs and Ham

    6. Spinach & Feta Cheese salad with dressing

    7. Pork Chop Sandwiches (this Steve is going to bring)

Times will be announced next week.

June 3rd is Paint ball time. Those of you who are interested, please contact me. I'm asking for a $10 deposit. Bring friends, I need something to shoot at.

Times will be announced later.

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