Saturday, January 14, 2006


Dear reader
In case you haven't noticed I have not written here for a very long time. So as preparations are underway for the ANNUAL MEETING of Gateway Covenant church, my consience is getting the better of me.
TIME: 1pm
WHERE: At Gateway
I am sure there will be stuff to eat, there usually is when we all get together..

I realize that attending an Annual Meeting on a Saturday afternoon might sound a bit, well mundane perhaps, but let's look at it another way. We will be hearing about what is going on in the LIFE of Gateway:
We will read about what our YOUTH are up to; we will find out more on our REFUGEE status; why, we will also get to hear what RANDALL and STEVE have been up to.
Also included on the agenda will be an important vote on a Leadership Structure change.
Just some of the reasons to plan to attend, or if you are unable to be there then please pray for meeting wherever YOU are that day.

Thanks for reading.

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