Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Trip with Family

Good Old Hockey Game, that's where I was this last weekend. Edmonton Oilers and the Boston Bruins. My awesome dad decided way back in September that we, meaning him and his two sons(Adam and my Self), should have a Father Son Trip. What better place than at a hockey game. My dad loves the Bruins, when I say love I mean he doesn't know the players or the rules or the fact that Joe Thornton was traded. But all the same my dad has cheered for the Bruins since I was a kid. So he bought the tickets and paid for the gas to get to Edmonton from North Battleford.

I must say it was an awesome trip. I didn't know really what to expect, both from the trip up and back and the game it's self. You see I'm different from my dad and my brother, when I say different I mean sometimes I think I was adopted different. I love them just the same, even if they are different. We have only taken one other trip together, camping, and it was okay, but well, yea that is another story. So with all of us hopped in Adam's Honda, or what Adam says "the H is for hot", for what should have taken 4 and a half hour trip from North Battleford to Edmonton, instead only took 3 hours and 15 minutes. Sometimes 140 km/hr is nice, when you don't get caught.

The hockey Game itself was different as well. Dad, Adam and myself have never been to a live NHL game, Adam and I always watch hockey on CBC, my dad sometimes, but live is not the same. Again I didn't know what to expect or think it would be like, maybe just like on TV or Don Cherry Videos. Instead it was like watching a rec-hockey team with really great players play a game of hockey. The passes were crisp, the skating was fast, the shots were hard, but the players made it look effortless. They did so much and looked at ease flying up and down the rink. Really cool sight. Capt. Canada was there, who is that, well Ryan Smyth of course. A whole host of players were there that I grew up watching on TV, they were live in front of me. Awesome time to behold.

Of course the walls of emotion came crashing down around me when I went to the bathroom with my Brother. No we don't go to the bathroom together, we both just had to go, at the same time...Anyways my brother and I were in there talking about he game and in walks this youth. You could tell he was over hearing the conversation so I invited him in by saying this was our first game ever. So he asked how it was, we responded, then we asked if this was his first, with a shrug he said "No, this is about my 10th.". Man I acted like such a rookie.

But I love the experience of something new and different. I was able to see, hug and have my picture with Wayne Gretzky, or what he like to be called "Wayner". Yea, I saw him in front of the arena, just standing there. I asked him to stand like he was holding the Stanley Cup, he told me to wait cause he had one in his car. Moments later I poising with the Wayner. Good times.

Well here is what's happening this week:

Tues. 6 Thomas Stevens B-day,

ask him how much he can bench press!!

Tues. 6- Rockin Drop In, 3:30-6:30pm. Bring supper, instruments, &/or boardgames, or whatever.

Wed. 7- Bible Study, 7-9pm @ Reid's house, bring Bibles.

Fri. 9- Bake Cookies for Children's Heaven, 7-10 pm @ the church. Bring your own favorite Christmas Cookie Recipe and all the ingredients.

Remember the Christmas Party is the following Saturday!!!

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