Monday, November 28, 2005

Ray found the Way

Ray found a Way

Now that was a game, what game you ask? The only game on last night that mattered. The biggest Game of November, I'm talking about the Grey Cup. Back and forth, back and forth, throw for throw matched, sack for sack matched, down to the wire excitement, cliffhanger till the last kick. Edge of my couch, hands on my head or my eyes with disbelief and anticipation and stress and thrill. Hot blood pumping through my veins, over time begins, amazing throws and touchdowns, hands on my hand as Edmonton comes onto the field with Ricky Ray, I start to shout "Ja-son- Maas, Ja-son-Maas". Another amazing throw and touchdown, great hammer of Thor what a game!! Ray retakes the field and has to settle for a field goal. Montreal takes the field and has to settle with losing the game by a field goal. Edmonton wins the Grey cup, sweet mother of pearl, what a game!!!

This was probably the best Grey Cup game I have ever seen, if not the best in a long time. The one thing that I don't like about football and most other sports is that usually by the end of the game there is a clear winner, cause the score is out of reach for the other team, so the finish is less than important. But yesterday, the game was an actual game till the end, I didn't know who was going to win. I guess I love that emotional train. To get on and take that trip is awesome. But some times the trip is boring and uneventful. I remember watching the Gold Medal game of the Olympics for the mens hockey. Canada and USA, we all know who won, but watching the game and the emotional highs and lows were awesome. There is no greater feeling then to win and no lower feeling then losing. I think, it's like gambling, only with your emotions, there is a lot to lose or gain. The reality is that we all wake up the next morning and move on to the next great game. Which by the way is the World Jr. Championship, over the Christmas break all the greatest boys under 18 play hockey for their country. A tournament with all the countries of the world, grey beard of Zeus what a great time. Then there's the Olympics again. I can't wait!


What's Up!

Tues. 29- Rockin Drop In, 3:30-6:30pm. Hey we are going to Paint the youth room so bring paint clothes and paint brushes and small sour cream like containers for holding paint. Don't forget supper!

Wed. 7- Bible Study, 7-9pm @ Reid's house, bring Bible

Sat. 4- HOC @ the Church!! 7-10pm. Bring boardgames and stuff to do for 3 hours.

Tues. 6 Thomas Stevens B-day,

ask him how much he can bench press!!

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