Monday, November 21, 2005

Furnace Man Begins

Furnace man here to save the day. Oh in case your wondering who Furnace man is, that is me. Anywho I was out at Christopher Lake this morning, normally you would think that this would be a great place to be, even to work, well your right. So through the directions I got from the old, legally blind lady, I found my way to Neis Trail. Actually she said that it was Neis Dr., but oh well. I pull up to her house, err, cabin, more like rustic log house, and notice that this lady is the only person on this lake. Everyone else has left their cabin for the winter, but she lives at her cabin all year around, and she is legally blind!!!

So I walk in and one of the first things that I notice is the huge amount of cob webs all over the ceiling, not just in the corners but all over. This lady is very short so this didn't bother her, besides she is legally blind!!!

That was one of the first, the absolute first thing I noticed is that this lady, although legally blind, had tried to put make-up on for the Furnace Man. Did I mention that she is legally blind? It was all over her face and yet she missed spots, it was very cute, she was trying. Very nice lady she was, kindness was in her eyes.

The house was dirty, but not really. Lots of wood chips and gravel were in the entry, which was also the kitchen. The house was totally heated by a wood burning fireplace and also a wood stove, which by the way was the only stove in the house. Yes, this was how she cooked everything, with a wood stove. The fire was started below the burners and beside the oven. Did I mention that this lady was legally blind?

Furnace Man's job was to clean the fireplace and the wood stove and the chimney and the stack from the stove to the chimney. Very dirty indeed. Ash, although it is one of the cleanest, is also one of the worst to breath in. Ash is so fine that it plugs up the lungs very easily. The way that we do it, so we don't breath it in, is we run the huge truck mounted vacuum the whole time. This way any ash that starts to float in the air is sucked out before it is sucked into my nose.

Her stove was so full of ash that it was blocking the smoke, so instead of the smoke coming out of the stack into the chimney, it came out the top where the burners are. Three hours of dirty and annoying work and I was done. Actually it wasn't that bad, I have had worse. Working out at Emma Lake always helps to make the job easier.

The Legally Blind Lady thanked Furnace Man for saving her house and heat with lunch and coffee. Furnace Man accepted, thanked her and gave her her bill...than drove off into the snow blizzard vowing to return to save her next year...

Furnace Man would love to have a cabin out there some day. The more that I live in PA, the more I miss the country and nature. Furnace Man and Family were invited out to a lady's house, who is from the church, last Saturday. Awesome place, well looked after, designed as a place to sit and enjoy the surrounding area. Lisa and I both want an acreage, we would absolutely love to move out. But, here is the BUT of all buts, we would have to live so close because of Furnace Man's two jobs and also because of those jobs we wouldn't be able to enjoy it as much as we would like to. Oh well, for now, and for always we are content to be where God wants us to be. Besides we really like it where we are...with YOU GUYS!!!


Happenings for this week:

Tues. 22- Rockin Drop In, canceled for the funeral for Tom Dice

Wed. 23- Bible Study, 7-9pm @ church, bring Bibles. We are going to go through the Prayer Stations.

Fri. 25 -Progressive Supper! Meet @ the church @ 6pm. If you are able to join us for the evening please phone me by Wednesday night, Because I have to phone all of the homes and tell them the amount of people who are coming.

Sun. 27- Grey Cup Party! Come on over after the Advent service about 6ish and bring your own snacks that you want to eat. If you don't have any, come on out there will be lots to eat and if you have more, then bring for others. Evening will end when Edmonton beats Montreal.

Mon. 28- Grey Cup Bottle Drive. Contact Dave Lindenas for more info.

Tues. 29- Rockin Drop In, 3:30-6:30pm. Bring supper, instruments, &/or boardgames, or whatever.

Wed. 30- Bible Study, 7-9pm @ Reid's house, bring Bibles.


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