Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Treasure Principle: Roadblocks to Giving, Excerpts from Chapter 4

We know that Christ commands us to give. And we know He offers us great rewards for giving. So why is it so hard to give?

There are many roadblocks to giving: unbelief, insecurity, pride, idolatry, desire for power and control. The raging current of our culture – and often our churches- makes it hard to swim upstream. It’s considered “normal” to keep far more than we give.

But I’m convinced that the greatest deterrent to giving is this: the illusion that earth is our home. This leads us to the next key to the Treasure Principle:

Treasure Principle Key #3

Heaven, not earth, is my home. (p44,45)

…Our Bridegroom, the Carpenter, is building a place for us in heaven. Everything we send on ahead will be waiting there for us…

Paradoxically, our home is a place we’ve never been. But it’s the place we were made for, the place made for us.

If we would let this reality sink in, it would forever change the way we think and live. We would stop laying up treasures in our earthly hotel rooms and start sending more ahead to our true home. (p46)


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