Friday, May 20, 2005

One down, a few more to go

So last night I chaired my first 'meeting of the congregation'. I think it went ok. Thanks to all who came out and participated in the discussion and decision-making:
  • We learned about the intricacies of changing from one system of church government to another (watch for notice of a 'Special' congregational meeting to discuss this further).
  • Our Stewardship Plan will be initiated at the end of May and run throughout the summer months, by way of excerpts from Randy Alcorn's book: The Treasure Principle. Passages from the book will be posted both here and in the weekly church bulletin. Everyone is encouraged to read them and take notes in the form of comments, questions, etc and then bring them to a session in which Dean Siminoff will be hosting. He will talk about the book as well as offer other sessions in the area of stewardship. The event will be held sometime in September of 2005.
  • We listened, with a measure of pride I might add, to our pastor share about how God has been using the gifts He has entrusted to Randall. He is writing locally, he is mentoring both locally and farther afield, he is being encouraged by colleagues here and 'there' to become 'credentialed' in the area of his gifting. You know, when we are faithful to using the gifts God has given, rather than inventing ones we think we should have, God rewards! In the end this leaves but three things for us at Gateway to do: Praise God for working through Randall, know that Gateway is healthy enough to effect this, and realize the potential impact on the Kingdom!
  • Our Jr. youth are on their way to their annual retreat in Alberta this weekend. The youth continue to become closer as a group. Our youth pastor is encouraged by their growth and is looking to include them in more of the planning for the group.
  • We were given a short presentation from our two delegates to Annual Conference. It is always good to hear that the sense of 'family' seems to prevail at every Annual Conference. If you have not been to conference before, I encourage you to think about it for next year. Anyone is invited to attend; Gateway aims to send about three (elected) delegates. Next year Annual Conference will be held in Strathmore at Hope Community Covenant church. This will be their first major event in their new facility!
These are but a few things from last night's meeting. A copy of the complete minutes will be distributed.

Holy Spirit, move through your servants at Gateway and surround us with Your peace.

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