Tuesday, May 31, 2005

June dates, and the nice weather

I suppose June does and did and will continue to 'date' but this is not about dating. These are the 'dates to mark on your calendar' dates:
  • Well Nigel and Kate's visit is rapidly coming to a close. A big thank-you from them, for the many hospitable times they have had over the past two weeks. They fly back to England from Calgary on Saturday. Pray for safe travel.
  • Also on Saturday, June 04 is the annual church Ball Game and BBQ. Game starts at 2pm at St. John's Community school, and runs until about 4pm. Bring equipment if you're playing and lawn chairs if you're cheering! Following the game, at about 4:30 supper will begin up the hill at the church. Bring potluck BBQ food. The BBQs are supplied. There will also be games for the children. Look forward to seeing you there!
p.s. I hear that the youth are planning to PRACTICE up for the game!
  • Men's 24 hour Retreat: Friday June 10, 7pm through Saturday June 11, 7pm. At Living Waters Bible Camp, 20 mins south of P.A. on hwy 11. Cost is $40 per person. Register now!
These are just a few highlights. Of course there are the regular Small Groups, committee and board meetings, etc. Also there are planty of people to be praying for: Lionel (and Trytnje) Roy, Masa and Yaounde, Tom (and Sharon) Dice, just to name a few of our family who are needing God's care and protection these days.

Enjoy this beautiful weather, and thank God for His perfect plan in all of it.


Peg said...

Hey there,
Was surfing and found my way to this site via the pastor's site. Thought I would drop in and say hello. It was nice to see everyone at Christmas while we visited with mom and dad (George and Carolyn). May see some of you as we pass through on our way to our reunion in Garrick. Think of your church often as it is still home for me in many ways Although many of the faces have changed and it is always surprising for me to see little Matthew Kent, since I used to babysit him, and now he is taller than me. Not to mention Luke Loseth who was still a baby when I left and look at him now. Well I have now started the blog myself. Ah well God bless to all of you. Peggy (Redford) Herd

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