Friday, April 1, 2005

Update from the chair

It took me a while to catch on but now I think I've got it!
I shall post here as often as I can to give updates on what we, your Executive Board team, are working on throughout the year.
The following is a letter which was presented to the Gateway family regarding the recent extended time for our Sunday events:

To the congregation of Gateway Covenant church,

Thanks to everyone who took part in the recent survey on the changes to the Sunday school and Service times. You responded with thoughts and suggestions that gave us a good idea of how the changes have affected you. Thank you for being patient and flexible as we have shared this time changing experiment together.

A BIG thanks for continuing to support us as we serve you on the Executive Board, and try to discover where God is taking us in the future.

Your responses indicated that you would like more time to visit and more time for prayer opportunities. We celebrate this as signs of growth among our church body!

Recognizing that “worship” involves so much more than a structured hour or so in a ‘service’ format, we have given our ‘Sunday time’ a name: Worship time on Sunday. To celebrate this, we will begin at 9:30 with an opportunity to connect with each other through visiting and prayer. This will be followed by offering ourselves to God together in the form of a worship service at 10:00, then at around 11:15 through 12:00 we will have the opportunity to spend more time learning together by means of various classes. The coffee will be on throughout the morning, so come out and let’s get to know each other better in response to true worship: connecting with the heart of God.

The Worship time on Sunday schedule will start on the Sunday following Easter (April 03).

Blessings on you today!

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