Saturday, April 16, 2005

This Week

Saturday, April 16, 2005
Today in Norquay SK the The Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada is holding it's annual meeting. Pastor Randall Friesen and two delegates, Phil Loseth and Alecia Stevens, are there now, sitting in meetings all day today on our behalf.

We know there are always a lot of important issues to discuss and since we want God to be in this meeting speaking to his people even as they do business, remember to pray for them.

And, having been at some of these conferences, don't feel too sorry for our delegates - they will be doing a lot of visiting and reconnecting with old friends. Besides they will be experiencing good old prairie hospitality and God's love dished out through his people in Norquay.

We will be getting feedback from the delegates when they return.

Sunday, April 17, 2005
Because our pastor is attending the Canada Conference Annual Meeting we will be having a special guest, Ron Baker, speak to us in our Worship Time on Sunday Morning 10:00 am gathering.

Join us. Remember the coffee is on and ready at 9:30 am.

Check out opportunities to volunteer - any questions? Ask a member of the Deacon Board( Phil, Alecia or Linea) and we will see you find a spot to get involved.

During the week:
There are a variety of group activities. Call the church office for details or check the weekly "Life At Gateway" bulletin. Some events to note:
Wednesday 6:30 am - Gatecrashers prayer time
Thursday 7:00 pm - Executive Board meets
Saturday 1:00 pm - Youth Parent Meeting at the church

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