Monday, April 11, 2005

Here's what we are working on..

We want to keep friends and members updated on what we, your Executive team, are currently 'up to'. Here are just some items:
  • Incorporation status has begun, which basically means that I have read the extensive information on it and I actually understand most of it! We are now in the process of the "name search".
  • In response to the congregation expressing a desire to have a more permanent 'prayer space', we are looking into the possibility of making a room available for quiet times and personal prayer, '24-7'.
  • We are in the process of speaking to a Stewardship Consultant from the ECCC. He will be invited to Gateway in the near future. Did you know....that stewardship involves more than money?? Watch for more details about this coming up.
May God bless you this week in ways that amaze you.
And this request from the pastor: if you have stories of answered prayer you are invited to share them. Post them in the comments section below, or call the office (764-7155) and let us know. When we hear what God is doing in each other's lives we are greatly encouraged; we can be blessed by them. God really does use unique ways to increase our faith in Him.


Matthew said...

I know why no one leaves comments, it's because of this stupid "Blogger" comment system. You should go to Haloscan, like the civilized folk, it's much better with the pop-up box.

Seriously, it's pretty easy to put on. Oh, Janet, to test out who is reading your stuff you should write something like, "Gateway taken over by Zombies: Sunday service moved by to 11am", and just leave it at that.

Janet said...

THANKS for commenting!!
Hey this is quite different alright. I have never posted via this way before. However I don't 'make' the site--I shall speak to the one who does and see what their opinion is. Actually I kind of like it because it lets you see what the previous comments are while you respond.
P.S. Do you have an 'answered prayer' story for us, or have the zombies really taken over...?

Sharon said...

Was just checking out Linea's site and caught our church's site there too....updated no less. Way to go! So, I'll be watching for news and clues on this site. Thanks for taking it on...Zombies at 11 eh Matt?

Phil said...

I like Matthew's idea of using attention-grabbing headlines. I suggest "Cardinals choose Pastor Randall as next pope."

longge said...

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