Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Week of Prayer 2004

This week is our week of prayer over at the church. It's the second year we've tried the prayer pilgrimage route, and it seems to be profoundly effective for many people.

We have a series of stations through which you move. Stations which lead you through prayer. Confession, repentance, facing our fears, praise, silence, thanksgiving, petition, and blessing.

I want to encourage those of you who read this page and live in Prince Albert to come and give it a try. It really is a moving experience with God. It's available anytime of the day or night, until Sunday that is. If you don't know how to get past the locked door, call me at 764-7155 or 764-0701 and I'll tell you how to get in.

This is an excellent way to quiet your heart before Advent comes upon us.

Remember the question asked by the wise men, the first question in the new Testament; "Where is he, born king of the Jews?"

It's always a wise question to ask. Make some time for God this season.

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