Thursday, October 14, 2004

A Beautiful Season

Autumn has been wonderful this year.

We've had warm days and nights, the leaves are gently changing, and there's been no snow todate!

In the church, it's been a good Autumn too!

The time change for us has turned out to be a blessing.

Lowell has been making us some amazing coffees, and Grace has been bringing an assortment of homemade cookies every week!

Leo's Bible Study class is larger than ever, and Linea has started a class on asking the deep questions of life. That class is starting to take off too.

The kids XSFJOY class has been expanded and Lauralea and Tammy are enjoying the extra time they have to teach the kids.

The youth class is continuing upstairs.

The prayer space is being well used in the sanctuary. People are spending time there in prayer and starting to request prayer as well!

We've got childcare available during the whole morning, which is giving mom's and dad's time to go to a class or just to sit down, relax and have a coffee and visit with some other mom's and dad's.

Actually, this Fall is progressing better than expected, glitch wise!

Come, join us!

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