Saturday, March 27, 2004

Well, this regular updating thing hasn't been as successful as originally hoped!!

Sorry for that.

This spring we've been working on our connections in the church. God has been challenging us in how we are friendly but maybe not friends. That's a hard one to work through, yet we are, and God is good!!

Our small groups are growing and going deeper. This is a huge hopeful sign for us. We now have groups of 30 somethings that get together, groups of ladies that meet together to study and care for each other, and more and more the newer people in church are meeting together.

I'm encouraged by it.

And so should you be. Let me encourage you to get involved in a small group that is committed to growing deeper in Christ and in caring for each other.

Paul wrote that we experience God through our connections with each other, so we need one another to experience God!!

And, God himself is about community. It's the Holy TRINITY remember!!

So, if there's not a group for you, why not chat with me and lets get something going for you and yours!

See you Sunday

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