Monday, February 23, 2004

Hello, I thought update you on the Youth Ministry.
It is going well.
Well, that wasn't that hard now was it.
Just kidding.
So far this year Youth Ministry is taking the next step. I have moved a little further from the relationship aspect, even though it is still very important and will be continued. We have moved on to see what God has done and where we believe His taking us. We as a team, Lisa Reid, Matthew Kent, and myself, sat down to talk about some of the goals for this year, we feel God would like to do. We looked in all areas of the Ministry, the Friday night Youth events, Sunday school, Wednesday Bible study,and Tuesday After School Rockin' Drop in.

From these goals we talked about a plan of action in order to complete them. Some of the goals are simply a matter of Prayer, cause only God can do them. Others we can help Him.

A couple of Prayer requests:
1) God would rise up a female leader, who would join the team with us, and help with the mentoring/leading/planning/relationship building of the Ministry.
2) We as a team continue to be lead by/through God. And that He be the Cornerstone upon which this Ministry is based.

I do thank-you for all of your prayer and support from the past. I hope that we can rise together to support God in developing our youth.

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