Monday, January 19, 2004

Well, yesterday was a bit of fun, we did the sermon part of church a little differently. We got people to preach to each other!

We broke into groups and answered some questions about worship and creativity. About how we experience God and how we "do" Sunday mornings. It really was kinda cool, except some of the "Preachers" went overtime.

Then, the parents of the youth made lunch for the whole church. Kind of a thank you note for the churches support throughout the year.

Sunday was a preparation for this weekend when Jeff Anderson is coming up from Winnipeg. He's going to talk a bit and lead us in a discussion on different ways to do what we do as a church.

We need to begin to think bigger thoughts and how we can do some of the mundane things of church life, easier. Jeff will help us with some of that.

So, Friday night from 7-9 (Sundaes included!) and Saturday from 9-11 we will be working with Jeff. Then Saturday afternoon we'll be having our church Annual meeting. Sunday morning Jeff will be preaching.

So come and join us at some point during the weekend eh?

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