Tuesday, January 6, 2004

Well, Christmas is over, the tree is down, at least at my house. The Christmas CD's are being put away (Sorry, for those of you who love it all year long, you know who you are!!) and life is returning to some sort of normal.

Today is my first day back after our last week of holidays for the year, and I'm glad to be back.

Remember, Friday night at 7:30 here at the church, the group New Hope is bringing a concert, so invite a friend and make an evening of it eh?

The end of the year stuff is starting to happen. The Annual Meeting is coming up on Saturday, January 24th, so plan to attend that.

In fact, we're going to make a weekend of it. Jeff Anderson from Winnipeg, is going to come up and talk with us a bit, challenging us to think of new ways to do the things we do as a church.

Often we get stuck doing things in certain ways, just because that's how we've always done them. But needs change, and people grow, and we need to look for new ways to care for people. New ways to be community. New ways to love each other. So it helps to bring in someone from the "Outside" to assist us in thinking "New Thoughts."

So Jeff is coming for the whole weekend. It's gonna be great.

Remember, this weekend is Communion, so come prepared for it. Take some time to be still, let God rummage through your heart stuff, and maybe clean up a bit, and let Him help with the cleaning!


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