Monday, September 29, 2003

Hey, just a reminder to get yourself into a small group this year.

There is a ladies group that gets together each Wednesday morning around 9:30 am. (At the church building)

There is a group studying Hebrews that meets each Sunday morning at 10 am in the church basement.

There's a home group meeting at Charlie and Sandy Chicoine's home each Wednesday night. I believe they are working on a Video series on outreach.

Then there's a home group that moves around from house to house! I believe they are working through Revelation. They meet Wednesday nights too.

How about a group for the 20somethings? They meet Monday nights.

Passed the 20's? How about a group for the 30/40 somethings. They meet Wednesday nights.

(Hey, these age groups are only descriptive, not requirements! They just help give a picture of the group!)

The young people meet Wednesday nights at Steve's house. 7 pm.

These groups are great opportunities to grow, in the Word and in relationships. That is where the real growing happens.

Want more information? Give us a call. 764-7155

And get involved.

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